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Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G  Kitsworld - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G

KW172173 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G 'Commando Chief' 44-6585 - 'Margie' 44-8648

Boeing Flying Fortress B- 17G 'Commando Chief' H-K 44-6585 423 BS, 306 BG.
40th Combat Bombardment Wing (Heavy) 1st Bombardment Air Division.
Thurleigh, Bedfordshire. Was transferred to the381st Bomb Group at Ridgewell in May 1945. Retired to Kingman, AZ Dec 1, 1945.
Construction number 22808 Built Douglas Longbeach.

Aircraft: B-17G (#44-6585).
Organisation: / BAD1 of Burtonwood, Lancashire.
Pilot: Rollins, Jack K.
Notes: taxiing accident.
Location: Prestwick, Scotland.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 3

In August 1944 a horizontal 44" wide yellow band, trimmed at the top and the bottom with a 2" wide black stripe. Was added to the upper tail section of all group aircraft. At the same time, the fuselage codes were directed to be applied in black paint. February 1945 all the codes were ordered to be removed from the fuselage area altogether. The familiar 48" call-letter on the tail remained.

Boeing Flying Fortress B- 17G 'Margie' DF-D 44-8648 324 BS, 306 BG.
94th Combat Group 1st Bombardment Division.

1943-1945 based at Deenethorpe, Northamptonshire, England.

Mission 225 Target : Hagen.
Five minutes after taking off She came back to the airfield with two engines out and made what the control tower called 'a pretty hot landing', eventually going off the end of the runway. The crew quickly changed into the spare PFF ship, and were airborne within 20 minutes of landing.
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B-17G Commando Chief and Crew
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B-17G Commando Chief
B-17G Margie
B-17G Margie Nose Turret removed

Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G  Kitsworld - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G

KW172174 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G 'Homesick Angel 42-107135 - 'Madam Shoo Shoo' 43-37786

Boeing Flying Fortress B- 17G 'Homesick Angel' XA-N 42-107135 549 BS, 385 BG.

Assigned to 549th squadron on 24th April 1944, "Homesick Angel" was named by Robert Milligan who described the plane as "... easy to handle and a dream to fly -- like a good woman!" Anne Haywood's first painting showed a more scantily clad figure which higher authority order to be covered.

This was an all too common cry with many nose art paintings which were deemed to have been inappropriate. "Cover up or clean off!" was the order of the day. Anne painted the crew's jackets with this design which, enlarged to full size on the side of the B17G, proved to be a colourful image not easily missed.

Flak shot out two engines on 15th August 1944 over Munster. Attempting to reach the North Sea, pilot Lt Rosener was forced to ditch prematurely into the Zuider Zee. The crew scrambled into their dingies and were picked up by Dutch fishermen -- but later had to be handed over to a German patrol boat. A replacement Fort at Great Ashfield was named as "Angel's Sister".

Nose art painted by Anne Haywood.

American Red Cross Aero Club, 385th Bomb Group, Great Ashfield.

Boeing Flying Fortress B- 17G 'Madam Shoo Shoo' XA-Z 43-37786 HR-Z 551 BS, 385th BG.
Madam Shoo Shoo 43-37786 551BS 385BG
Clark Rollins' crew requested this stunning piece of work portraying "Madam Shoo Shoo". The life-sized figure showed Haywood's talent at its best and there is a rare piece of cine footage showing Anne actually painting the artwork.

Arriving at Great Ashfield in mid June 1944, the aircraft suffered severe damage in November but survived and continued until hostilities ceased. By which time it successfully completed 76 combat missions and had been flown by more than 30 different crews.
It was flown back to Bradley Field, USA, a year after arrival in England and was scrapped at Kingman Field, Arizona at the end of 1945.

Nose art painted by Anne Haywood.

American Red Cross Aero Club, 385th Bomb Group, Great Ashfield.

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B-17G Homesick Angel
B-17G Madam Shoo Shoo
B-17G Madam Shoo Shoo

Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G  Kitsworld - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G

KW172175 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17G 'Ice Col' Katy' 44-6115 - 'Anxious Angel' 43-38035

Boeing Flying Fortress B- 17G 'Ice Col' Katy' GD-Q 44-6115 534th BS, 381 BG.
Douglas/Long Beach B-17G-40-DL Fortress
serial number: 44-6115
Combat Wing Assignment: 1st CBW
Base: Ridgewell, England
Group tail code: L (triangle symbol)
381st BG squadrons identification codes: GD - 534th Bomb Squadron.

Boeing Flying Fortress B- 17G 'Anxious Angel' LL-F 43-38035 LL-F 401st BS, 91 BG.

This was one of Starcer's rare nudes and it showed the high level of skill and paint manipulation that he achieved. The flesh tones are superb although the girl's legs are extraordinarily long. As with many of his nose art paintings, Starcer included his signature -- a useful aid, if one is needed, for historians.

"Anxious Angel" accrued over 70 combat missions, more than one third of them were flown by Dick Gibson's crew who named the plane and commissioned Starcer to paint its raunchy artwork. Towards the end of the war, the aircraft was fitted with radio counter measure equipment to confuse German ground radar which guided the flak gunners and fighters, no doubt causing many an anxious moment for plane and crew. Surviving hostilities, "Anxious Angel" was flown back to the USA on 8th June 1945 with a crew of ten plus ten passenger ground crew.

Delivered Cheyenne 19/6/44; Kearney 29/6/44; Dow Fd 11/7/44; Assigned 385BG PFF Gt Ashfield 13/7/44; transferred 401BS/91BG [LL-F] Bassingbourn 14/7/44; 70+m Returned to the USA Bradley 11/6/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 14/6/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 5/12/45. ANXIOUS ANGEL.

More details to follow
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B-17G Ice Cold Katy
B-17G Ice Cold Katy and Crew
B-17G Anxious Angel nose art
B-17G Anxious Angel

Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17E of the Pacific  Kitsworld - 1/72 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17E of the Pacific

KW172176 Boeing Flying Fortress B -17E ‘Suzy Q’ 41-2489 - ‘Yankee Diddler’ 41-2472

Boeing Flying Fortress B-17E of the Pacific - 41-2489 'Suzy Q' 19th BG, Java Southwest Pacific 1943.
Beoing Flying Fortress B-17E of the Pacific - 41-2472 'Yankee Diddler' 5th AF, 43rd BG, 7 Mile Drome Jackson 1943.

Also available now in 1/48 scale - 1/32 scale will be available soon.

More details to follow
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kitsworld Deco Guide
B-17E Suzy Q
B-17E Suzy Q Nose Art
B-17 Yankee Diddler

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