decal sheets and 3-D decals
decal sheets and 3-D decals

Kitsworld has been established by enthusiasts who have been frustrated by the predictable subject matter and poorly rendered artwork generally supplied by kit and decal manufacturers in the past. Our goal is to provide the modeller with a wide range of colourful, interesting and well-realised subjects initially covering the seemingly inexhaustible field of aircraft nose art. Being artists ourselves, we feel we have the eye and ability to carefully interpret the original artwork as it appeared on the actual aircraft to give the modeller the best reproduction possible to better represent the original artist's work.

As with all of the decal sheets produced by Kitsworld, we have not sought to 're-invent the wheel' by producing all of the markings carried by each aircraft. These days they are quite adequately supplied by the kit manufacturers and many other decal suppliers. This enables us to put a greater number of artworks on each sheet giving the modeller more choice and better value for money.

The projects we have chosen to produce are the ones we feel will prove popular, eye-catching, well rendered by the original artist and have a reasonably good source of reference. All of which, we hope, will avoid any flak from disgruntled modellers; of course, there is always someone somewhere who knows better! However, we do welcome input from informed sources where it helps us to produce a better product.

We also welcome inquiries regarding future projects - if you have a favourite scheme or theme you think will have a broad appeal, please let us know and we will see if it can be added to our future releases.
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