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Kitsworld Kitsworld Lancaster Bomber- 1/72 Scale Decal Sheet KW172031 424 (Tiger) Squadron 'Victorious Virgin' RF128 QB-V, 9 Squadron 'Fanlight Fanny' LL785 WS-F

Kitsworld Lancaster Bomber- 1/72 Scale Decal Sheet
KW172031 424 (Tiger) Squadron 'Victorious Virgin' RF128 QB-V, 9 Squadron 'Fanlight Fanny' LL785 WS-F

Erratum - Title should read 1/72 scale on decal sheet.

Lancaster Bomber 'B' MkI 'Victorious Virgin' RF128 QB-V

Matthew Ferguson practiced his craft from 1941 until 1945, painted on at least four different types of aircraft, developed station and squadron badges, pioneered placing artwork on bomber jackets worn by aircrew, and even painted artwork on bombs. An Albertan, he was clearly the most significant Canadian nose artist of the Second World War and likely in the history of the art form.

After emigrating from England as a small child, Matthew Ferguson was raised in Calgary, Alberta where he enlisted with the Calgary Highlanders when war broke out. Six months later he transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force and became an airframe mechanic.

Matthews Ferguson painted this artwork on a 4000 pound "cookie" bomb to celebrate the 2000th operation by No. 424 "Tiger" Squadron. A photograph was taken and then the bomb was loaded into Lancaster RF-128 (QB-V) and delivered on 21 March 1945. The aircraft was known as "Victorious Virgin" and was flown by F/L J. F. Thomas and crew. The art shows a winged tiger breaking out of an Easter egg and this particular bomb was a special present for Hitler from the squadron. It was dropped on the oil refinery at Hemminstedt, near Heide, Germany. The nose art image on the Lancaster was based on the November 1944 "Varga" pin-up that appeared in Esquire magazine.
Ferguson's "Victorious Virgin" flew the squadron's 2000th four-engined sortie on 21 March, 1945. The 4000 lb. "cookie" bomb was painted by Ferguson and labelled, "An Easter Egg for Hitler." This is the only known example of 'nose art' on a bomb.

Avro Lancaster Bomber 'B' MkI 'Fanlight Fanny' LL785 WS-F

On the night of 4th 5th July 1944, Bomber command sent a force of 231 Lancasters and 15 Mosquitoes to attack the V1 supply depot at Saint Leu D'Esserent. With the target area having been identified previously, the air crews mapped their route in order to miss major towns and known flak installations which they might encounter over France. What had not been foreseen was the amount of Luftwaffe fighters which had been assembled to defend the supply depot. This force would have a serious outcome with no less than 13 RAF Lancasters being shot down over occupied territory.
9 Squadron sent LL845, W4964, JA957, JA690, LL785, ME833, EE136, LM453, LL884, LL914, DV161, PB146, ME809, DV396.
9 squadron lost Lancaster 'Fanlight Fanny' LL785 WS-F which crashed in a pasture next to the small hamlet of Le Tillet killing all onboard.
434 Squadron
A total of 430 Avro Lancaster Mk. X's were built in Canada by Victory Aircraft Limited at Malton, Ontario.

The first order placed was for a total of 300 aircraft. Their serial numbers were from KB700 through KB999. These Lancasters were delivered between September 1943 and March 1945. The Lancasters with serial numbers KB700 through KB774 were fitted with Merlin 38 engines. All subsequent aircraft were fitted with Merlin 224's.
None of the 430 aircraft were lost while being tested at Malton. Almost all of the Lancaster Mk. X's were ferried to England and none were lost in transit.

Avro Lancaster Bomber Mk X 'NAN' KB840 WL-N

Assigned to 428 and 434 squadrons; Returned to Canada on 8.6.45 with #434(B) Squadron as code 'WL-N' for use with #662(HB) Wing, Dartmouth, N.S.; stored at Claresholm
SOC 22.1.47

Avro Lancaster Bomber Mk X 'No Not Now' KB872 SE-N

Flown to England in Feb.45; 1st issued to #431(B) then to #434(B) Squadron; not on operations; Returned to Canada with #431 Sqdrn. as code 'SE-N' for use with Tiger Force, #662(HB) Wing, Dartmouth, N.S. on 7.6.45; Into storage; SOC 22.1.47

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