decal sheets and 3-D decals
decal sheets and 3-D decals

Your sheets are great! I hope you'll consider doing at least the nose art for the 840th BS/483rd BG (Fifteenth Air Force) B-17G "Big Yank." It's so well known that it has its own web page--google "Big Yank" and "B-17."
Jim Burridge

Superb quality! I've beem waiting a long time for this kind of nose art. Look forward to more releases.
Camy Martins, Rayleigh

I just found your site today, I think your decal subject matter is outstanding!!!
Some of your 1/48 B-17 sheets state coming soon, can you give me an idea of when they might be available? I am in the U.S. and plan on ordering from you soon, thanks

Eric Strohmeyer

I just wanted to congratulate you on your B-17 decals especially the nose art design sheets. I hope we'll be seeing many more of them covering all the groups in time...i could possibly provide reference's if needed.
I'll be placing a order soon when funds allow, hopefully this new tool 1/72 B-17 due from Revell Germany this autum will keep you very busy.
All the best,

Gary Pashley

I have just published the news of your fantastic looking release of the series of 1/72 scale decals for the B-17 F & G on the Aeroscale website:
If you would like to send any future news or samples of your models for review please contact me.
thank you

Tim Hatton

I have bought 2 sets of each of your 1/48 B17 decals and am mightily impressed! at last we have a correct rendition of "A bit o Lace" (only waited 34 years!!) I will be buying 2 sets each of those you have coming out in September, keep em coming, i know there's an army of collectors who'll buy these and any more you may have planned.

John Wilson

Me and my money will soon part!! Good show Kits-World decals!!
Think 48th scale!!
Any chance of 48th DC-3 American Airlines? Pretty markings.

Bo Roberts

Dear Sirs,
I recently picked up some of your Decals and let be the first of many by saying "Thank You VERY Much"...
I have been waiting a number of years to have someone to do some of the Aircraft markings with Nose Art and "other" known Aircraft.
I am hoping that your company will look into other Nose Art Aircraft such as the B-29 "Super Fortress" (WWII and Korea), and B- 26B/C "Invaders" (WWII and Korea).
PLEASE keep up the OUTSTANDING work and look forward to see "Future" Decal sheets.
"Thanks" again and have a GREAT day to come!
Sincerely yours,

Thomas M. Lore

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the excellent quality decals & new sujbect matter! For a lifetime modeller, it is exciting to see more decals offered for B-17s & B-24s, especially.

Gerald Grove

Hi Nigel,
Just a quick note to congratulate you on your efforts, the news on the Lancaster sheets is fantastic (especially the 9 squadron aircraft) and in 1/32 scale (is there something you know that we don't) keep up the good work.
I have lots of images you may be interested in, i have never scanned and sent images before so i'll give it a try this weekend.

John H Wilson
p.s. have you given any thought to recreating the stencilling?

Dear Kits-World-team,
Let me say that all the decal sets I already bought look great. So, for the forthcoming B 25s and the B 17 from Wingscale, I am curious for another amazing decals sheets.
As for "my" B 17G it would be fantastic to see the 91st BG "Outhouse Mouse", s/n 42-31636. Maybe there is a chance to get this decal sheet from you...?
Best regards from Bavaria/Germany

Reimund Schaeler

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